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The evaluations

The Restaurants

The evaluations are expressed in twentieths and basically concern the culinary art level.
Location, service, wine list and any other aspect inherent to the supervised venue could be specified in the schedule.

The evaluations will articulate according to two main lines:

12-20 legenda passione gourmet

A barely sufficient culinary art.

13-20 legenda passione gourmet

A stimulating culinary art that is extensively beyond sufficiency.

Voto 14 - Passione Gourmet

We are sitting at a good quality table.

15-20 legenda passione gourmet

Great products prepared with technique and personality.

16-20 legenda passione gourmet

Ottimi piatti derivanti da tecnica raffinata e carattere proprio.

17-20 legenda passione gourmet

Excellent dishes originating from refined techniques and specific character.

18-20 legenda passione gourmet

It clearly stands out from the previous average level.

19-20 legenda passione gourmet

Note restricted to the best restaurants of this planet.

20-20 legenda passione gourmet

Can perfection exist? We’ll see.

The Pizzerias

We decided to give adequate space to the great Italian pizzerias, the traditional and the innovative ones, that will be classified on three levels. Street food that has become nowadays a symbol of high quality at the right price. The selected symbol is a fundamental element for a good pizza: Mozzarella cheese.

A good pizza, of middle-high leavening and quality.

Care for raw materials, location and guests.

An outstanding pizza, great raw materials, perfect leavening and partial room for creativity.

The Trattorias

deeply traditional culinary art that is anchored to the history, will be classified on three levels. The selected symbol is a vegetable, as good and simple as the cuisine of this venues: the onion.

Quality products and a good culinary art, respectful of its territory.

Territorial research culinary art, offered in a pleasant atmosphere.

Great products, very good culinary art, extraordinary atmosphere and wines.all’altezza.

Friday Five


An excellent experience, that deserves to be recommended.


A wrong move, that provides us with an attention signal.


Certain undertones prevented an experience below the expectations and the key of the venue.